Due to the overwhelming volume of applications, our Development and Impact grants programme is paused until spring 2021. We are unable to accept any more applications from midnight 9 november.

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development and impact grants

Our rolling grants programme is designed to find, fund, support and evaluate promising practice. Funding will go to organisations working with young people aged 14-24 to help them overcome barriers to finding meaningful work. We are looking for approaches that can be tested, evaluated and, where proven to be effective, expanded to reach more young people.

We want to partner with organisations that share our values and are committed to learning, investing in good practice and sharing what works to transform the youth employment landscape.


Two types of grants are available

  1. Development Grants
  2. Impact Grants
Development Grants Impact Grants
Level of financial support available £30,000 – £150,000 pa for delivery and development Circa £100,000 – £1.2m pa for delivery +
An independent evaluation paid for separately by Youth Futures
Duration 1-2 years 1-5 years
Supporting towards employment Over 50 young people per year Over 150 young people per year


Development Grants

  • Level of financial support available: £30,000 – £150,000 pa for delivery and development
  • Duration: 1-2 years
  • Supporting towards employment: Over 50 young people per year

Impact Grants

  • Level of financial support available:Circa £100,000 – £1.2m pa for delivery +
    An independent evaluation paid for separately by Youth Futures
  • Duration:1-5 years
  • Supporting towards employment: Over 150 young people per year

Summary of who can apply? Full details are contained within our prospectus

Not-for-profit voluntary or community-sector organisations, or statutory organisations applying individually or as a lead organisation on behalf of a partnership or consortia, which:

  • have been operating for at least 3 years – with a track record of working with young people who are, or are at risk of, becoming NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training) and face barriers to finding and keeping decent jobs
  • offer an existing or new solution to youth unemployment
  • have clearly outlined planned activities, which link to getting young people into work
  • are committed to an independent evaluation
  • have an annual turnover of over £100,000
  • are not at risk of financial crisis

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