About us

Youth Futures Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organisation established in December 2019 with £90m endowment from the Reclaim Fund to improve employment outcomes for young people from marginalised backgrounds. Our aim is to narrow employment gaps by identifying what works and why, investing in evidence generation and innovation, and igniting a movement for change so all young people have fair access to good quality jobs.

About Youth Futures Foundation

Everything we do is guided by robust evidence of what works to support young people from marginalised backgrounds into good jobs. We learn from the projects we fund and scale up that learning to drive genuine, long-lasting systemic change.

Our strategy

We intend to change the youth employment system by working in partnership with organisations, policy makers, employers, practitioners and young people to address systemic barriers, expand opportunities and support more young people from marginalised backgrounds to be ready for work.

Our people

Our board and our team reflect the diversity of life experiences, ethnic backgrounds, gender and religion of the young people we aim to serve. Our collective desire to help young people improve their life chances drives everything we do.


Passionate about creating a better future for all young people? Find out about opportunities to join our teams in London, Birmingham and Leeds.


We are happy to support the media with data, analysis and expert opinion on all aspects of youth unemployment.


Read about our foundation, our governance and our funding.

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