Youth Futures Foundation (YFF) are working to remove the barriers preventing disadvantaged young people from entering the labour market, with a particular focus on addressing the ethnic disparities in youth employment.

By focusing on young people furthest from the labour market and championing well-crafted solutions that have employers at their heart, we believe we can create a triple-win for society:

  • Meaningful employment for young people

  • Engaged and motivated employees for businesses

  • A clear view on “what works” to help inform practitioners and policy makers concerned for young people left behind by current approaches

Our core activities include:

Directly supporting those already tackling these issues, particularly in areas of high youth unemployment in England

Engaging employers and business organisations across the country to create opportunities with appropriate support for young people

Developing and sharing evidence about how best to tackle youth unemployment and using this evidence to influence practice and policy



The Youth Futures Foundation is establishing the team it needs to deliver on its strategy. We have two key vacancies at the moment; a permanent Head of Evidence and Evaluation and a freelance Communications and Content Consultant.


Youth Futures Foundation is delighted to announce the appointment of 3 new Board members. Sir Tony Hawkhead, Jenny North and Sir Simon Woolley joined YFF’s Board on September 1st. “I am delighted that we have been able to attract people…


Over the past several weeks YFF have been carrying out a series of consultations with young people across the country to get their input into our strategy. We have also been asking what ‘meaningful employment’ means to them. The feedback…