Toolkit Unwrapped, Apprenticeships: Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week with new resource for employers

Feb 5, 2024

National Apprenticeship Week 2024 is a moment to recognise the important role that apprenticeships can play in ensuring all young people gain and sustain good work.

Our Youth Employment Toolkit, launched in 2023, suggests that on average, for every 10 young people who take part in an apprenticeship as a targeted youth employment intervention, one will get a job who wouldn’t have done so without the intervention.  

We’re eager that employers of all sizes are able to engage with the evidence that exists,   providing insight into the employment interventions that have the highest impact in supporting marginalised young people into good quality work, whilst also weighing up the benefits this can bring to employers.  

This is why we’ve been working hard to develop our new ‘Toolkit Unwrapped’ series,  which aims to translate our evidence for an employer audience, making it easy for employers to digest and put into practice.

The series pairs evidence on what works with fresh and exciting content which brings good employer practice to life, through employer and grantee case studies, best practice guidance, video interviews and action plans. We hope this showcase of the toolkit will provide employers with a much-needed breakdown of what they need to know, and most importantly how to get started. 


Click through to our resources to learn more about why apprenticeships are effective and for actions that you could take to enhance your own inclusive apprenticeship offering.  

Look out for the next in our Toolkit Unwrapped series… on-the-job training, dropping in March 2024. 

Accessible documents are available below.

  • Plain text PDF available here.
  • Large text PDF available here.
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