Meeting UnLtd – the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs

May 31, 2019

The team has an inspiring morning at UnLtd – the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs, learning how they improve access to employment through their support of social enterprises and social entrepreneurs.

It was great to hear from the UnLtd team about this different model for having an impact and also how they structure themselves and operate across the country. It was a privilege to spend time with 4 of the social entrepreneurs UnLtd have supported: Joel from Spiral Skills, Steven from Box Up Crime, Josh from Cracked It, and Sade from Sour Lemons.

As we discussed each of their businesses, there were some striking descriptions of their targeted beneficiaries:

  • “for people who think they shouldn’t be here”
  • “for young people at the fringes of education”
  • “for young people who schools hide from Ofsted”
  • “rebuilding misguided dreams”
  • “young people don’t get involved in crime for the glamour, they often feel backed into it”

…and also some challenges for YFF. Thanks to Mark and the team at UnLtd for arranging such an inspiring working session – we touched many topics that we will be following up on.

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