Subgroup activity

In order to influence all aspects of what we do and across our organisational strategy, the Future Voices Group are split into subgroups that align with the different pillar of our business plan. They work closely with members of staff across the organisation in order to design, develop and deliver activity on or aligned to our business plan. 

The different subgroups, their members and their aims are outlined below:

  1. Changing the youth employment system by working in partnership with organisations, policy makers and young people to address structural and systemic barriers
  2. Creating opportunities with employers to recruit and retain more young people from marginalised backgrounds
  3. Building capacity with practitioners to support and train more young people from marginalised backgrounds to be ready for work.

Building Capacity

Aim: The aim of this subgroup is to support the grants and evaluation team by collaborating on projects and programmes (including evaluations) that aim to support young people from marginalised backgrounds to be ready for work. The grants and evaluation staff teams will consult the Building Capacity subgroup at all stages of the grant funding and evaluation process to support a variety of tasks, which may include: 

  • Designing new funding streams
  • Assessing grant applications from delivery organisations
  • Awarding evaluation contracts to external evaluators
  • Designing evaluation methodology, such as interview materials
  • Reviewing youth focused outputs
  • Attending workshops

FVG members: Ladajah, Belle, Elijah, Sulaiman and Nedilson

Staff Champions: Emily and Danni

Systems Change

Aim: The aim of this subgroup is to collaborate on project and programmes in partnerships with organisations, policy makers and young people to address the structural and systemic barriers withing the youth employment system. This subgroup is most likely to get involved in our research work 

FVG members: Jasmine, Yi Kang, Catherine, Zac, and Samuela

Staff Champions: Ryan, Alison and Peter

Systems Change (Connected Futures Fund)

Aim: This subgroup sits under Systems Change but is focused on our placed-based Connected Futures Fund. Young people in this subgroup focus specifically on various aspects of the fund, from supporting on assessing funding proposal to co-designing learning sessions with partners.

FVG members: Charlie, Olivia, Tyler and Zoya

Staff Champions: Louise and Alice

Creating Opportunities

Aim: This subgroup is focused on how we can work to better create employment opportunities within the wider system, with a particular focus on the crucial role that employers play in enabling these opportunities to be accessible to more young people. Our Creating Opportunities subgroup will play a vital role in speaking truth to those with the power to make impactful changes to the practices and behaviours demonstrated across the employment ecosystem and to ensure that there is awareness of the evidenced business case for recruiting and retaining young employees from marginalised backgrounds.

FVG members: Lauren, Jeff, Jayden, Obaida and Saffron

Staff Champions: Eleanor and Annum


See below for the latest updates from different subgroups and the FVG’s wider work:

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