Meet our young directors

We take several steps to ensure there is meaningful participation of young people in our governance, starting with our Board of Directors.

Our Board of Directors includes at least two young people who bring to the Board the combination of skills, knowledge and experience necessary to support decision making and the effective delivery of our objectives. 

These young Directors are appointed on the same terms as their fellow Board members and hold the same responsibilities, though they usually serve for a shorter total term. We support our young Directors to be equipped in their roles to have genuine and non-tokenistic impact through wider coaching and pastoral support. 

Meet the Young Directors

Non-executive Director

Jess Evans

Non-executive Director

Jess is an experienced advisor on youth voice and youth employment in the non-profit and public sector. She works with organisations to ensure youth voice is embedded effectively across all levels of decision making, and is currently an advisor to the National Citizen Service Royal Charter Body Board. Jess has recently graduated in Psychology and Behavioural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, and now works as a policy designer specialising in applied behavioural insights at the Department for Education. Across all her work, Jess aims to promote evidence-based policy and service design, encourage positive youth employment practice, and create impactful opportunities for young people.

Non-executive Director

George Greaves

Non-executive Director

George Greaves is recognised for his innovative approach to promoting apprenticeships and education across the UK. With a rich history of collaborating with government bodies, colleges, and leading employers, George is committed to developing apprenticeship schemes and addressing skills shortages. His journey began as an apprentice, overcoming significant personal challenges to become a passionate advocate for equitable education opportunities. George's work extends to advising on DEI strategies, underscoring his dedication to ensuring that young individuals from all backgrounds have access to meaningful careers. His impactful narrative and efforts have made him a respected voice in shaping the vocational skills landscape, demonstrating the power of resilience and opportunity in transforming lives.

George is also an advisor, speaker and consultant for other bodies including Greaves Education and Essex Police.

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