Employer Advisory Board

The youth employment challenge

Young people have been hit first and hardest in the labour market by this pandemic. There are now 728,000 young people not in education, employment and training. Young people from marginalised backgrounds were already facing significant systemic employment challenges before COVID-19, and since the outbreak have continued to be disproportionately affected. The fall in employment post COVID-19 is four times higher for young Black people and nearly three times higher for young Asian people.

Why set up an Employer Advisory Board?

We know that to tackle this challenge, we need a coordinated effort across business, government and civil society. Working with employers is a critical part of improving the employment landscape for both employers and young people.

That’s why we have launched a visionary Employer Advisory Board. It is an opportunity for small group of key, diverse employers to collaborate on this vital issue. We will learn from employers, employers will learn from each other, and we will all learn from young people themselves.

It will be a testbed for our ideas and we will gain new insights into how organisations recruit and work with young people. Group members will develop new ideas and new evidence-based tools to put into practice in their own organisations.

What are the Board’s objectives?

The Board will help us to make better interventions in the youth labour market, build our understanding of what works and lead to improved employment outcomes for young people furthest from the job market. The Board’s objectives include:

  • Helping develop our strategy to support young people into the labour market, including shaping future investment priorities to support and test employer practice
  • Explaining the opportunities and barriers to employing young people from marginalised backgrounds in today’s labour market
  • Bringing employers together to support better employment outcomes for young people
  • Networking, collaborating and learning, to tackle key issues and share successful approaches
  • Bringing a range of perspectives together, working with organisations from different industries, sizes and geographies

Which organisations are members?


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