Future Voices Group

We are proud to work in partnership with The British Youth Council (BYC) to deliver our Future Voices Group programme. Together, we have developed an exciting initiative that brings together our expertise on the youth employment system, ambition for systems change and high quality youth participation, along with BYC’s longstanding experience of working with young people to ensure both their safety and wellbeing, and use of best practice approaches to putting young people’s voices front and centre.  

The group is formed of 20 young people from diverse marginalised backgrounds who help to shape our work – from our internal processes, funding, research, influencing and more – over a period of 2 years. 

They were recruited with consideration for young people who have intersectional identities, and are underrepresented and marginalised in the labour market. Together, they form a group of experts in youth employment issues that affect their communities, local areas, and outcomes. FVG members commit approximately 11 hours per month to their roles.

The FVG represents the largest group of young people we work with closely to strategically direct our work. They are involved in activities across our all pillars of our organisational strategy, mainly through subgroups, and regularly engage with key stakeholders within the system such as policymakers and employers. 

For an overview of our current cohort, see here.

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