Youth Futures Foundation's new youth voice advisory group

Feb 19, 2021

Youth Futures Foundation is delighted to announce the membership of its Future Voices Group, 13 young people who will act as ambassadors for the organisation and inform its strategy and work. Based on the principle of ‘nothing about us, without us’, the group, which range in age from 16-24 years, have been recruited from across England to reflect the diversity and breadth of young people’s experiences as they move into work. 

Working in collaboration with Youth Futures, the British Youth Council is supporting the group’s development and ongoing training over the next two years.  

Explaining why she was motivated to join the group, Lauren Aird, 23, currently studying Health and Social Care in Leeds, said: ‘When I found the Future Voice Group, I realised I could use every negative experience I had faced to influence real change in how society supports marginalised young people into meaningful work and training.’ 

The Future Voices Groups will work with the Youth Futures staff team and Board of Directors sitting on the organisation’s advisory panels, working with the grants team to assess programmes, informing research design and attending roundtables with government and other partners as ambassadors and advocates.  

Alex Morawski, aged 22, a member of the Youth Futures Foundation’s Board of Non-Executive Directors and Chair of the Future Voices Group, commented: 

‘The Future Voices Group will play a critical role ensuring that youth voice informs all areas of Youth Futures’ work. The group will not just be part of the conversation, but will set the agenda for how we work with others to tackle the root causes of youth unemployment and ensure all young people have fair access to good quality jobs.’  

The Future Voices Group are: 

Alex Morawski, 22, currently in EdinburghAnnie Bocock, 22, currently in Lincoln; Cindy Boa,18, currently in south east London; Ed Chaplin, 19, currently in Solihull; Isha Shakir21, currently in County Durham; Joel England, 21, currently in Bristol; Lauren Aird, 23, currently in Leeds; Max Spencer-Roe, 19, currently in Liverpool; Naomi Robinson, 24, currently in north London; Plamena Marinova, 17, currently in Norfolk; Roshan Sathy, 22, currently in Norfolk; Subhan Shan, 17, currently in Birmingham; Yemi Adeola, 22, currently in west London.  

Youth Futures Foundation CEO, Anna Smee, commented: 

Young people’s experience and views are absolutely critical to inform our strategyshape our work and help to deliver the systemic change we need to ensure equality of opportunity regardless of background, ethnicity or disability. 

 British Youth Council ChairSarah Staples, commented:  

Youth Futures’ Future Voices Group brings together a remarkable group of young people who, though from a variety of backgrounds and with very different experiences, share a common passion and purpose to make positive change to help and support others.’ 

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