Young, vulnerable, and increasing – why we need to start worrying more about youth unemployment

Apr 12, 2020

Who are the young people struggling to access the labour market? And what do we know about supporting them into jobs? The Youth Futures Foundation has co-produced a new report looking at these timely questions.

Written in partnership with Impetus, Young, vulnerable, and increasing – why we need to start worrying more about youth unemployment  looks at the trends and responses to youth employment since the last recession. It shows that those most likely to be out of work and education are some of the most vulnerable young people, and that the headline numbers overlook some pressing issues such as underemployment.

It predicts that – even without the pandemic – the numbers of young people affected were likely to rise, given economic, demographic and social changes. The uncertainty around the impact of Covid-19 makes it even more important that we focus on the economic inclusion of vulnerable young people.

“A collaborative approach across the public, private and voluntary sectors is urgently needed to ensure that young people who are facing the most disadvantage are not overlooked but instead get effective, evidence-based support into meaningful employment.”

Tackling this cannot be done alone. The Youth Futures Foundation is working with Impetus and other organisations such as Youth Employment UK and Prince’s Trust as a Youth Employment Group to ensure that young people – especially those facing the greatest challenges – receive timely and quality support during the months ahead.

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