Board member Alex joins call for #1000opportunities a day for young people

Sep 22, 2020

Youth Futures Foundation youngest non-executive board director spoke to Channel 4 News on Friday 18 September about the challenges he has faced trying to find a job since leaving education last year. Alex Morawski, aged 22, graduated from Warwick University with a 2:1 in Politics and International Studies, but has struggled to find work around his home-town of Barnsley. He told journalist Paul McNamara:

‘Pre-Covid it was really bad. I’d spent about six months looking, but now with Covid…there are more unemployed young people than job vacancies. The jobs aren’t there; it’s even more competitive and even more difficult.’

Alex was speaking in support of the Youth Employment Group’s call for the government to create 1000 jobs, training or education opportunities a day in order to reduce the number of NEETs to pre-Covid levels. Whilst the overall unemployment rate in the UK is currently 4.1%, young people have been hardest hit with 13.4% of those in 16-24 age group currently looking for work.

Alex has now moved to Edinburgh in the hope that he’ll find more job opportunities in the city. We are very proud to have such a passionate and articulate advocate on the Youth Futures Foundation team. Read the Youth Employment Group’s full recommendations to address the youth employment crisis and its call for #1000opportunities.




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