Mindful charter signed by Youth Futures Foundation

Dec 7, 2023

We are delighted to announce that Youth Futures Foundation has signed the Charter for Employers positive about mental health and we are now a Mindful Employer.


As an employer we recognise that in the UK, people experiencing mental ill health continue to report stigma and discrimination at work. Having signed the ‘Charter for Employers Positive about Mental Health’, we are committed to being a mindful employer by creating a supportive and open culture, where colleagues feel able to talk about mental health confidently, and aspire to appropriately support the mental wellbeing of all employees.

By signing the charter we are showing our commitment as an organisation in supporting employee mental health and wellbeing. This is an important step forward towards us continuing to create a positive and inclusive workplace culture.

Our Head of People, Lisa Metcalf commented:

“I am delighted that Youth Futures Foundation has joined the Mindful Employer Charter as an employer positive about mental health at work. We strive to offer an inclusive and positive workplace culture which is aligned to our organisational values and have a range of initiatives in supporting our employees in this area, but we want to do more.

By signing the charter this shows our commitment in furthering our positive approach towards mental health at work, gaining access to a range of resources, support and training available as a Mindful Employer to further enhance the support we can offer to our employees.”

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