Youth Futures Foundation launches brand-new youth employment Data Dashboard

Nov 27, 2023

As the What Works Centre for youth employment, our aim is to narrow employment gaps for young people facing the greatest challenges by identifying what works and why. In order to do this, we want to reduce the gaps in data and research to improve employment outcomes for young people.

Working collaboratively with Open Innovations, we have launched our Data Dashboard, to give stakeholders quick and practical access to high-quality evidence on youth employment.

The dashboard is a free online resource that is automatically updated with the most up-to-date statistics, bringing policymakers, practitioners and funders the most recent and relevant data.  

Our Data Dashboard presents the latest youth labour market data and our latest research, showcasing dashboards that provide data on NEETs (Not in Employment, Education, or Training), the labour market, the consumer prices index and vacancies. The Data Dashboard visualises key youth employment statistics, bringing together official data which is often spread across different locations, making it accessible to all.

The dashboard provides access to our extensive research and evidence portfolio, including evaluations, data analysis, and mixed methods research. Users will be able to download data, save graphs and figures, and customise data to highlight key groups of young people. Through a mapping system, youth employment data will be available by parliamentary constituencies, providing up-to-date place-based information for local areas across the country. 

We will be adding new data to the Dashboard on an ongoing basis to enhance the availability of key information. 

Barry Fletcher, CEO at Youth Futures Foundation, comments:

“Using the data to analyse and understand the issues faced by young people across the country can help us to find solutions that provide more young people with the opportunity to access good quality work.

Our Data Dashboard offers access to our extensive research and evidence portfolio and provides additional data on the youth employment labour market, which we hope can reinforce policy recommendations and solutions.”

Visit the Data Dashboard here: Data Dashboard – Youth Futures Foundation 

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