Islamophobia Awareness Month – Isha’s experience

by | Nov 9, 2021

November is Islamophobia Awareness Month, and this year we have the privilege of hearing from Isha, one of our Future Voice Ambassadors, about her own experience of Islamophobia. In a series of pieces curated by Isha, she will explore Islamophobia in more depth, considering its implications on education and considers what more can be done to support young Muslims who face barriers.

Hi everyone. My name is Isha, I am 22, from County Durham.  I am a proud Future Voices member. I decided to create some pieces for Islamophobia awareness month. Firstly, it is a privilege given to me by YFF to be able to share my life experiences with you on the digital space. I intend to shed light on the impact experiencing Islamophobia has had on my life. The hope is that my story will raise awareness, encourage and inspire. I will take each in turn.

I believe raising awareness is incredibly important as it enables organisations within the system to recognise, accept and set out to fix the barriers young Muslims face when seeking employment.

I have some recommendations to encourage positive change in the system so that future generations do not have to experience the same things I have.

And finally, I wish to inspire all young people who have faced any challenges in their life to never give up on their dreams.

Watch this space!

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