Hello my names Tyler and I am a future voices ambassador.

I have committed to starting this important journey due to many reasons. First and foremost, i myself have Dyspraxia which is a learning disability.

This has motivated me to take on this role to show that people with disabilities can help just as much as someone without one and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

My sole purpose of doing this role is to be a voice for others who are struggling accessing employment as-well as people who have hidden disabilities.

I currently work in retail, proudly serving the local community with a smile and a friendly face. I am committed to my current job but truth be told, I would love to take a big role supporting others in need.

Finally, I would like to create awareness to these big topics and I really do hope more employers sign to the disability confident scheme to prevent discrimination and also discuss the disadvantages that people may face in regards to barriers to employment.

I would like to see a future where people are treated equally in all environments and increased employment with youth  and give them an equal opportunity to access employment and thrive within there chosen career or job

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