As someone who identifies as part of the BAME and international student community in the UK, I have lived experience struggling to secure a job myself, and understands the tremendous amount of stress and anxiety that comes alongside this process. Thus, just as many young ambassadors from FVG in the past, I am motivated to be part of the solution, and advocate for better, efficient, and meaningful solutions that tackles youth unemployment issues once and for all.

As a fresh graduate, I am going to start my first job working for SEO London as its Corporate Law Programme Coordinator, supporting outstanding candidates from BAME or social mobility qualifying backgrounds to secure a career in law. In the meantime, I am also actively volunteering for CIVICUS as its Youth Action Team Member, supporting and amplifying the voices of young people/youth-led organisations worldwide.

To me, being able to serve my community, alleviate the suffering of others; and at the same time to live a balanced and happy life would be some of my key priorities at the moment. I always believe that every action and step, no matter how small they are, could eventually play a major role in the creation of a better world in the future!

As part of the FVG, I am determined to gather and amplify the concerns and struggles young people face while seeking employment, and trying to live a better life within our society nowadays. Furthermore, by collaborating with lawmakers and various stakeholders, I look forward to proposing and advocating for significant policy changes in the country’s youth employment policies – ensuring that they are truly inclusive and equal for all.

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