Anna Smee announced as Youth Futures Foundation’s first CEO

Aug 2, 2019

Youth Futures Foundation is delighted to announce that Anna Smee has been appointed as its first CEO. Anna will join in November, at which point Joe Montgomery will move from executive Chair to non-executive Chair.

Anna, currently CEO of UK Youth, will be responsible for working with the Board to create YFF’s long-term strategy and will be fully responsible for all day-to-day activities.

Anna began her career in asset management and financial services, before joining the Young Foundation as Director of Ventures. Her recent work at UK Youth has seen her emerge as one of the leading voices for youth opportunities and employment in the UK. She is a powerful advocate both in Whitehall and with employers and has developed an extensive knowledge of youth provision across the country.

“I am delighted that we have attracted such a talented and well-respected person as Anna to be the first CEO of Youth Futures Foundation,” said Joe Montgomery. “The Board recognised Anna’s credentials as a champion for change. We were impressed by Anna’s commitment to improving prospects for young people, her track record of delivery and her vision for how the Youth Futures Foundation can make a meaningful difference to those young people a long way from the labour market.”

Commenting on her appointment, Anna said: “It is a unique privilege to be given the opportunity to shape and lead the Youth Futures Foundation. Too many young people remain locked out of employment opportunities because of where they live, how much their parents earn, or the colour of their skin. Through this endowment, we will be able to invest in evidence-based interventions that are designed to make a more equal playing field. Working in partnership with inspiring organisations across the country, we will give young people hope and the chance to fulfil their potential.”


CEO of Youth Futures Foundation, Anna Smee, responds to the Prime Minister’s New Deal speech.


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