Case Study

The Diana Award

by | Feb 20, 2021

Programme: Development & Impact / What Works
Funding: £301,248.00
Location: Yorkshire and the Humber; Greater London; West Midlands

The Diana Award is a charity set-up in honour of Diana, Princess of Wales. The charity continues Diana’s legacy by awarding young people for their positive contributions to society, humanitarian or activist work.

The grant will be used to enhance The Diana Award’s Mentoring and Development programme; it will fund the development and delivery of their 15-18 year-olds age group programme, working with at risk NEETs in Birmingham, Leeds and London. The programme consists of a 12-month experience made up of an initial 12 week programme of support, ordinarily in a school setting, with additional support from a mentor. This is followed by nine months of further mentoring support, a week’s work experience, and the opportunity to join ‘career lounges’ where the young people can engage with a range of employers.

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