Case Study

National Youth Agency

by | Feb 20, 2021

Programme: Infrastructure
Funding: £360,269
Location: England-wide

National Youth Agency is a national body for youth work which encourages young people to build self-confidence and develop skills for life. Their scope of work includes, creating opportunities for young people; developing a skilled and effective youth sector workforce and influencing policy.

This grant is targeted to support 80 organisations (62% of members) identified as working with young people to support their education and employability options.

Case study:

The training we’re receiving has really helped us to better understand the very unique challenges facing young people seeking employment this year. This means we will be better equipped to use our unique, informal relationship with young people to support them through these next few steps of their development and transition to adulthood.

Being a part of and having access to the Safeguarding Hub is allowing us to refresh and update our existing safeguarding skillset, and apply it more effectively to the digital delivery of youth work that we’ve adapted to over the past year. The better quality advice and resources we can access regarding safeguarding young people, the better protected they will be by our youth work.

– A Youth Worker receiving NYA training

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