Subhan Ahmed

Age and location
18, Birmingham

What led you to be here today and prompted you to want to join the FVG?
I was informed of the role through my participation in the Aspiring Youth Council. I feel passionate about equality and justice in all areas, not just employment. Being in post-16 education, I see the barriers we face. I believe that the FVG will enable us like-minded young ambassadors to identify why these barriers exist and how we can effectively tackle them.

What are you up to now? (eg. In work/study/looking for work/volunteering)
I am currently studying for my A-levels. I hope to complete them in 2022 and go on to study PPE at university. I am also a West-Midlands Youth Police and Crime Commissioner representing Birmingham East; I advise the Police and Crime Commissioner on the issues young people face. I am a Young Food Ambassador, part of a nationwide network of young food ambassadors who champions Children’s Right2Food. As a member of the Aspiring Youth Council in Birmingham, I raise issues directly with decision makers and endeavour to reach solutions.

What is most important to you in your life right now?
At 17, I value greatly the roles and opportunities I have had. I hope to integrate my religious values of justice and empathy into these roles with a view to bettering others’ opportunities. The fact that the features we are born with, and the communities we are born into, often determine our lives, saddens me greatly. Organisations like Youth Futures give me hope that that these limitations can be dissolved for people like me.

What sort of changes do you want to be involved in making as part of the FVG?
With the support of the FVG, I would like to work with other ambassadors to identify the factors limiting employment. I wish to raise issue with decision makers and change the process of how people get jobs. The sysem needs to be fairer and accommodate all types of people.

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