Occupation: Contractor – varied roles mainly within civic and big tech, Founder of Your Career Site, Writer, Creative, Trustee, Non-Executive Director

Why did you join the Inspiring Futures Youth Reference Group?
I joined the Inspiring Futures Youth Reference Group because I believe in doing as much as we can to make things better for our generation and the next with effective solutions to challenges. I love the respective missions of the Youth Futures Foundation and BBC Children in Need, plus their shared goal with Inspiring Futures to support young people to achieve their potential on their journey towards employment. I care about this because I have seen several others seriously affected, and experienced myself how difficult the job market often is. This is an unparalleled opportunity for important change ensuring all can thrive no matter their background.

What has been your highlight of being on the YRG so far?
A highlight of being on the YRG so far has been being inspired by getting to dive into everything further: whether through engaging discussions with insightful fellow members on which actions move the needle, excellent facilitation thanks to experts from Cordis Bright + beyond, learning about Monitoring & Evaluation and more.

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