Alex Morawski

Age and location
23, Edinburgh.

What led you to be here today and prompted you to want to join the FVG?
People’s backgrounds are too determinant of where they end up. Too many young people are unable to access high quality careers and opportunities which are meaningful to them. It’s something that we need to tackle collectively.

What are you up to now? (eg. In work/study/looking for work/volunteering)
Right now, I’m working. I’ve managed to find a job since being unemployed after graduating. I’m looking to do some more volunteering once I’ve settled in.

What is most important to you in your life right now?
With the impact of lockdowns weighing on everyone so much, I really value any chance I get to go outside and into green space. I’m desperately trying to keep my plants alive indoors, but failing miserably. It’s important to find those things that keep your mood up.

What sort of changes do you want to be involved in making as part of the FVG?
The goal is to make sure young people’s needs and interests are taken into account by government, charities, employers, education providers and others. The FVG will contribute to embedding youth voice and to positively, systemically changing the culture and practice of these groups.

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