Case Study

The Ubele Initiative

by | Jul 29, 2021

Programme: Infrastructure / Infrastructure Evidence
Funding: £200,999.42
Location: Regional - London Linking and Learning London Youth Support Providers (LLLYSP)

Ubele is an African Diaspora led intergenerational social enterprise. It supports a wide range of communities, community-based organisations and groups with their community assets (people and physical spaces), though social action, community enterprise development and next generation leadership initiatives. They design and deliver local, regional, national projects and international programmes as well as being involved in London regional policy initiatives and campaigns.

Funding will be used establish and support a series of project teams across six London boroughs to affect change in their local youth employment ecosystems. These teams will consist of key stakeholders from each region and will work together to identify and trial solutions to root causes of youth unemployment in their area through a social lab approach. The intended outcomes are for each project team to access learning about informed practice through Ubele, and then for Ubele to disseminate learning from across the overall project to their network and the wider sector.

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