Case Study

St Giles Trust

by | Feb 20, 2021

Tommy was referred to St Giles from Southwark YOS. He had multiple experiences with the criminal justice system, had no GCSEs and had been excluded from mainstream education. A frequent cannabis smoker, Tommy’s engagement was sporadic and he often went to meet for 1:1 sessions under the influence of cannabis. Despite barriers, their caseworker provided consistent, flexible 1:1 support agreeing to meet Tommy as and when he felt comfortable and often outside of “working hours”. They spoke openly and honestly about his cannabis usage. This enabled St Giles’ caseworker to think practically about what jobs were reasonable e.g. without a decrease in intake a job in construction would be unlikely. During 1:1 sessions their caseworker focused on building Tommy’s CV, completing applications and improving his interview skills. Prior to this support, Tommy had never had a proper interview. Tommy secured an interview for a Distribution Assistant for Tiffany’s. Tommy and their caseworker prepared interview responses and researched Tiffany’s together. Subsequently, Tommy impressed the interviewers with his knowledge of the company, and even managed to tell them something about Tiffany’s that they didn’t know themselves! Tommy was successful in securing the role and has sustained employment.

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