Case Study

Making the Leap

by | Feb 20, 2021

Making the Leap is a London-based charity that runs careers education programmes for children in schools and prepares young adults for life-changing career opportunities.

Our Development & Impact grant focuses on disadvantaged Year 11 pupils who are in secondary schools or in alternative provision within local authority pupil referral units. All are at risk of becoming NEET or of internal / external exclusion.

The grant will enable the charity to deliver weekly sessions with small groups, helping pupils to develop their personal skills and readiness for employment. Over the course of two years, the programme will support 100 young people in Greater London.

“Many of the young people we work with are less likely to achieve well at school simply because they were born poor,” says Eugene Blavo, Operations Director of Making the Leap.

The charity has found that young people from poor backgrounds are four times more likely to be excluded from mainstream education, and only 1% of those excluded have success at GCSE.

“The grant from Youth Futures Foundation allows us to support a seriously marginalised group of young people at an important transitional life stage,” he adds.

“We will help them develop the essential skills that businesses require, such as resilience, grit, curiosity and creativity. We’ll also develop their professional networks and put them in contact with people who can offer them mentoring, advice and work experience.”

“Crucially, we’ll give them hope and raise their aspirations so they are inspired to reach for new career opportunities, whether that’s training or work.”

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