Case Study

London Progression Collaboration

by | Jul 4, 2022

Programme: Infrastructure
Funding: £200,000.00
Location: Regional - London

The London Progression Collaboration (LPC) exists to support employers to create new apprenticeships for low-paid Londoners, which support progression into and in work. The initiative is incubated by think tank the Institute for Public Policy Research, and has created over 700 new apprenticeships since its launch in 2020. This Grant will support the LPC to work with small and medium-sized businesses to create 1,000 new apprenticeships for young Londoners over a two-year period, focusing on those from disadvantaged and under-represented backgrounds, as well as to expand its mission-driven apprenticeship levy transfer service. In addition, the funding will enable the LPC to pilot a new “progression support programme”, working with apprentices’ line managers to boost the impact of young people’s apprenticeships. Finally, the LPC will develop an enhanced knowledge-sharing programme within its extensive networks of employers and apprenticeship training providers.

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