Case Study

The Skillsbuilder Partnership

by | Feb 20, 2021

Jared is a student at Oak Grove College, a special school which has worked closely with Skills Builder since 2018 to give each of its students a wrap-around education in essential skills. Outside of school, Jared is supported by ‘The Sand Project,’ a non-profit organisation which helps people with SEND to enter the workplace. Both organisations are part of the Skills Builder Partnership, and have embedded the Skills Builder Universal Framework for Essential Skills, Enabling Enterprise’s pioneering framework designed to bring clarity, consistency and a common language to essential skills. This means that the same skills which Jared focuses on at school, also form part of his goals and development through his extra-curricular activities. A clear framework for essential employability skills demystifies the process of becoming the type of candidate employers look for, and provides Jared with a roadmap for entering the world of work. Both at school and through his participation in the Sand Project, Jared is supported to make meaningful, demonstrable progress in the areas employers value: working well with others, articulating his ideas, taking instruction and pushing himself to succeed at the tasks he is set.

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